Committee Boat Suite

  "Race Management Software"

FREE Software (Try the Beta Version NOW!)
  • Manage Marks Overlaid on maps

  • Define and Estimate courses With boat performance data

  • Define Boat Performance: Create polar diagrams

  • Create Race Instructions: Export all the needed diagrams and data

  • Organize Boats and Fleets OR Import from SailWave

  • Start Races With audio countdown and flag instructions

  • Record "Split" Times For more accurate prediction

  • Record Finishers: Export to SailWave for scoring

Committee Boat Suite works well as a stand-alone system and can also be used in conjunction with Sailwave race scoring software.

Install Committee Boat Suite Beta 3 for Windows XP and Higher

SUPPORT NOTE:  On your first use of Committee Boat Suite, you will be prompted to request a registration key via email.  If you do not receive a software registration key when you request it, please send email to and it will be resent.  Some users with Microsoft-operated email addresses (hotmail, msn,, etc.) have reported not receiving the requested registration key.

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